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Business Today

Business Today Egypt is the nation’s leading English-language monthly business magazine, providing insight, context, analysis and objectivity on both micro and macro elements of the Egyptian economy.Business Today Egypt's news coverage is in the Fortune / BusinessWeek tradition. We prize analysis and context in news, insights and how-to in our Rundown section. Business, economy and politics stories — including those that delve into social issues, culture and entertainment — anything goes, so long as it is current and provides a business perspective to the issue.


International Business Associates Group (IBAG) was founded in 1979 by the late William Harrison, and since has become one of the leading diversified services organizations in the Region. IBAG is the publisher of Egypt Today Magazine and Business Today Magazine, two of Egypt’s most prominent English monthly magazines with a readership in more than 20 countries around the world. Egypt Today and Business Today Egypt specialize in what many in the industry calls “value added interpretive journalism. Going beyond the facts offering readers the stories behind the headlines
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