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Akhbar El Hawadth

Akhbar el Hawadeth is a magazine that tracks the crimes in Egypt and the Arab world …. Unique in news ... Honest in its pages ... Bold in it’s topics…our slogan is: al garima la tofeed

Dar Akhabr el youm

Dar akhbar el Youm one of the largest news organizations founded by Mustafa Amin and Ali Amin since 1944 by issuing Akhbar el Youm weekly and rolled versions since then to include a variety of Magazines and Newspapers like Al Akhbar ,akher sa3a, Akhbar al hawdeth, Akhbar el Negoum ,Akhbar el Adab ,Akhbar el Sayarat, Ketab el Youm and Akhbar el Youm